Traditional Greek Meats

Souvlaki, Gyros, Kebab and Handmade Sausages

Traditional Handmade Greek Sausages

Traditional Greek style sausages, from natural ingredients. Handmade sausages from Evritania, sausages with various stuffing and seasoning. Specialty black swine sausages. Specialist purveyors and suppliers of Greek sausages.

Avaiable Products:
Black Swine Sausage Evritanias
Sausage Evritanias with Paprika
Sausage Evritanias with Leeks
Sausage Stuffed with Feta & Peppers
Sausage Horiatiko with Spices
Sausage Spartan with Orange
Sausage Trikalon with Leeks

Souvlaki, Gyros & Kebab

Original Greek souvlaki products. Handmade pork and chicken skewers of the highest quality, ready-made, supplied and distributed by wholesale in London and the United Kingdom. Our pork and chicken gyros comes either marinated and ready to be cooked or ready-made (just needs reheating and is ready to be served). If you are looking for a specialist supplier for your souvlaki or gyro themed business, street food stall or even an up-market restaurant serving chicken and pork souvlaki or gyro, then look no further. We have an extensive experience of supplying all types of partners with quality products for all their needs. Our extensive supply and distribution network is here to ensure that you can preach the souvlaki and gyro legacy in even the most far-fetched corners of the UK.

Available Products:
Greek Traditional Pork Gyros Portions Sliced & Pre-Cooked (Ready-to-serve)
Greek Traditional Chicken Gyros Portions Sliced & Pre-Cooked (Ready-to-serve)
Greek Handmade Pork Skewers Marinated 100g
Greek Handmade Chicken Skewers Marinated 100g
Greek Traditional Kebab 100g
Chicken Gyros (Ball) 10kg / 20kg
Pork Gyros (Ball) 10kg / 20kg

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