Traditional Greek Pita Bread

Oiled, Wholegrain & Corn Pitas

Traditional Greek Pita Bread

The authentic taste of traditional Greek pita bread. Made with respect to tradition, never deviating from the original recipe and always guaranteeing the highest quality.

Join the 21st century international Souvlaki revival. Ormos Foods supplies authentic pita bread, from our London based depot, all over the United Kingdom.

Our authentic Greek pita bread is ideal as a quirky replacement to typical boring restaurant bread or bread in general for the catering and hospitality industry.

We supply restaurants with pita bread nationwide. If you are looking for a souvlaki pita bread supplier, then look no further. Our wholesale distribution of pita bread will cover all of your needs.

Available in

Handmade Oiled Pita Bread 120x18cm Box
Handmade Wholegrain Pita Bread 180x17cm Box
Handmade Corn Pita Bread 180x17cm Box
Gigas Pita Bread 60x23cm Box
Mini Pita Bread 120x10cm Box
Cypriot Pita Bread 60 items per Box

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