Greek Specialities

Kitchen Essentials, Spices & Vine Leave Products

Kitchen Essentials, Spices and Greek Herbs

Our essentials and spices range is carefully selected to tackle the everyday needs of any and all kitchens and satisfy even the most demanding of customers. Top quality Greek herbs in bulk.

Available Products:
Greek Oregano, Thyme, Basil, Spearmint Wholesale
Coriander, Sumac, Cumin, Cinnamon
Himalayan Salt Bulk & Wholesale
Sea Salt Bulk Wholesale
Himalayan Salt Wholesale
Buckwheat & Peeled Wheat
Greek Flour
Oat Flakes
Lemon Juice Dressing Wholesale
Vinegar Dressing Wholesale
Various Peppers and Chillies
Bread Crumbs
Raw Tahini Wholesale

Canned Foods

A large assortment of canned vegetables and pickles guaranteed for their quality.

Available Products:
Aubergine Pulp / Purée Wholesale
Tomatoes Chopped
Tomato Paste
Tomato Passata
Tomato Pizza Sauce
Macedonian Golden Peppers
Red Roasted Peppers Wholesale
Sliced Beetroots
Baked Giant Beans Wholesale
Boiled Chick Peas
Stewed Onions
Cappers Wholesale
Sun Dried Tomatoes in Oil
Vine Leaves

Marianna's Products

A premium range of vine leave and other products:

Available Products:
Frozen Stuffed Vine Leaves Wholesale
Pickled Stuffed Vine Leaves Wholesale
Organic Vine Leaves
Organic Vine Tops
Organic Petimezi (Grape Molasses)
Frozen Smoked Aubergine Purée

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