Filo and Pastries

Filo Products, Handmade Pies & Greek Bakery Products

Handmade Pies

Premium quality handmade pies, the only product of this kind on the market made using Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Guaranteed for their authentic taste and quality of ingredients.

Frozen pies and pastries available for wholesale supply and distribution across London and the United Kingdom.

Available Products:
Traditional Bougatsa Cream Pie
Village Pie (Feta, Olives and Peppers)
Ham, Bacon & Gouda Pie
Spinach & Feta Pie
Feta Cheese Pie
Vegetarian Green Pie
Spinach & Feta Mini Bites
Feta Cheese Mini Bites

Greek Bakery Products

Bringing to our customers some flavors reminiscent of Greece and the aromas of bakeries filled with freshly baked hand-crafted bread and pastries. We supply bakery products in wholesale UK wide.

Available Products:
Spinach & Cheese Pie from Skopelos
Sesame Roll Stuffed with Olives
Sesame Roll Thessalonikis
Sausage Rolls

Filo Products

Our newly introduced own-label range of filo products is geared towards both the retail and commercial sector. We supply filo pastry, country style village filo and filo kataifi in wholesale quantities across London and the UK.

Available Products:
Crust Filo Pastry
Country Style (Village) Filo Pastry
Kataifi FIlo Pastry

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