Feta P.D.O. & Greek Cheeses

Organic & Non-Organic Feta & Various Greek Cheeses

Organic and non-organic Feta P.D.O. Cheese Wholesale

Our Feta Cheese is P.D.O. certified, ensuring its origin and traditional production method. We are proud wholesale distributors of Vassilisa Feta Cheese in London and the United Kingdom. Vassilitsa Feta Cheese won the Super Gold World Cheese Award 2015-2016.

Available in:
Organic & Non-Organic Vassilitsa 12x200g Vacuums
Vassilitsa 18x400g Container with brine
Vassilitsa 8x1kg Container with brine
Vassilitsa 4kg Metal Tins
Vassilitsa 13kg Metal Tins

Various Greek Cheeses

As one of the biggest Greek Cheese suppliers in London UK we select and distribute a variety of Greek Cheeses. Our selection of superior quality cheeses includes Manouri Cheese P.D.O., Graviera (Gruyère) and Kefalotyri. Furthermore, we are proud suppliers of Goat Cheese and Halloumi Cheese two of the signature cheeses of Greece and Cyprus respectively.

Available Products:
Graviera (Gruyère) Elassonas
Graviera (Gruyère) from Astakos
Manouri P.D.O.
Goat Cheese
Halloumi Wholesale

For more information or to request a copy of our Product Catalogue contact us at info@ormostrades.com