Greek Honey

Greek Artisanal Oak Honey, Pure Flower Honey & Raw Wild Thyme Honey

Raw Greek Wild Thyme Honey

Originally produced around the Hymettus mountain in Attica, Greece. Wild thyme honey is one of the oldest varieties of honey. Our thyme honey is sourced from Crete and from bees collecting nectar from wild thyme on the island. Wild thyme honey is renowned for its flavor and aroma. We import and supply or distribute our raw wild thyme honey in London and the United Kingdom.

Available in:
FiveTwenty Thyme Honey 6x280g Glass Jars
FiveTwenty Thyme Honey 6x420g Glass Jars
FiveTwenty Thyme Honey 3x790g Glass Jars

Raw Greek Artisanal Oak Honey

Single varietal oak honey. With a very limited production of about 1 ton annually this is a phenomenal, unique and really exclusive product. Its colour is very dark and the honey is dense with a quintessential aroma and a full bodied flavour. Ormos Foods is one of the few suppliers in London and the United Kingdom that distribute in wholesale quantities this rare product.

Available in:
Artisanal Oak Honey 6x450g Glass Jars

Raw Greek Pure Flower Honey

Pure flower honey is aromatic, light and easy on the palate. Produced by bees collecting nectar in the National Forest of Prespa, in Macedonia, Greece, we import and distribute in London and the United Kingdom.

Available in:
Pure Flower Honey 6x900g Glass Jars

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