Cretan Bakery Products

Organic Biscuits, Barley Rusk & Breadsticks

Organic Biscuits

An array of Organic Biscuits infused with extraordinary aromas and flavours. Convenient and healthy snacks, handmade with no added preservatives. Ormos Foods services in wholesale supply and distribution a range of partners dealing in confectionery, biscuits and biscotti.

Available products:
Organic Orange Biscuits
Carob Nuts & Black Currants
Organic Cinnamon Biscuits

Barley Rusk

Made in Sfakia, Crete. One of the most authentic villages of rural Greece, where tradition has persevered the passing of time and is still intact and an integral part of everyday life. Ormos Foods offers barley rusk wholesale services.

Available products:
Olive Oil & Oregano Rusk Bites
Graviera (Gruyere) Bites
Barley Rusks
Garlic Bites
Kritharokouloura (Barley Rusk Rolls)


Handmade, using raw materials sourced locally. Sticking to the maxim that has been passed on generation from generation in Cretan culture and tradition: "If you want, my child, to do something good, do it with your hands...".

Available products:
Organic Buckwheat Bread-sticks
Multigrain Bread-sticks
Corn Bread-sticks

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